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Picking Out Your Brisket

In episode 32 "Cowlaries / Brisketology 101 Vol2" we dove into how to pick out the best brisket for your cook. One of the first decisions you'll need to make is what grade of brisket to buy. The three most common grades of beef are Select, Choice, and Prime. The grades are basically designated based on the amount of fat/marbling running throughout the meat. As we all know, fat is flavor! However, the type and placement of fat in the meat makes a difference. What you should be looking for is the fat striations that are running with the grain of the beef. Below are examples of both a Select Grade (minimal marbling/fat) and a Wagyu (maximum marbling/fat) to show the difference. The mo' marbling, the mo' better! Check out Episode 32 for our complete brisket choosing tutorial.



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