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Smoking the easiest brisket of your life: Using the 4-4 method.


Barbecuing brisket is often seen as the pinnacle of pit mastery, a challenge that many approach with trepidation. But what if I told you there's a method that's both easy and yields a mouth-watering result? Welcome to the 4-4 Method, the technique I adopted when I began my journey into brisket smoking.




Personal Touch:

The 4-4 Method isn’t just a set of steps; it’s a cornerstone. It was the first method I learned when I started smoking briskets. Simple, adaptable, and with room to grow as your BBQ skills do.




Recipe Essentials:

Meat: A brisket weighing between 12-15 pounds.

Wood: Post Oak or a hardwood of your choice.

Seasoning: Fiesta Brisket rub, garlic powder, Lowry’s season salt, 16 mesh black pepper, and mustard for binding.


The 4-4 Method

  1. Preparation:  Begin by trimming the brisket, removing hard fat or any that won't render. Maintain at least a ¼ inch fat cap for protection during smoking. Apply a thin layer of mustard as a binder, followed by seasoning layers: start with 16 mesh black pepper, then garlic powder, Lowry’s season salt, and finish with the Fiesta Brisket rub. This beefy cut can handle a heavy seasoning, so be generous. Consider letting the seasoned brisket dry brine overnight.


2. Firing Up The Smoker: Whether you're using an offset, pellet, or drum smoker, consistency is key. Initiate the fire with lump charcoal in a chimney starter and wait until the top layer whitens. Introduce one or two hardwood pieces of choice. For pellet smokers, select your preferred pellets and set the temperature to 275°F.


3. Smoking The Brisket: Place the brisket in the smoker and maintain a steady 275°F for 4 hours. Following this, wrap the brisket in foil and continue to smoke for another 4 hours.


4. Rest & Slice: Once the brisket reaches an internal temperature of about 205°F, remove and vent it for 10 minutes, letting the steam escape. Rewrap and let it rest in a cooler covered with a towel for 2-3 hours. When ready to serve, always slice against the grain for that perfect tenderness.




Preserve the Gold – The Brisket's Au Jus & Tallow:

When you unwrap that smoked beauty, you'll notice the liquid gold that has accumulated: the au jus and beef tallow. This isn't something to discard; it's a flavor treasure.


1. Au Jus: Use an oil separator to distinguish the tallow from the au jus. After slicing the brisket, drizzle the au jus over it. Not only will this enhance the taste, but it will also reintroduce moisture, ensuring that your brisket remains succulent and doesn’t dry out.

2. Beef Tallow: This rendered fat is not just for disposal.

   - Cooking: Use it as a replacement for oil when frying or sautéing. It's especially exquisite for cooking eggs or roasting vegetables.

   - Soup Base: The rich flavor of the tallow can serve as a wonderful base for broths and stews.




Pro Tips:

Maintaining a constant pit temperature is essential. Significant temperature fluctuations can adversely affect the outcome. Practice makes perfect; the more you smoke, the better you'll become at controlling this.




Equipment Recommendations:

- Smokers: Offset smoker, pellet smoker, or an Ugly drum smoker available at

- Must-Haves: A reliable meat thermometer and tin foil.







The 4-4 Method promises a brisket so tender and flavorsome, it’ll have your guests reminiscing about it for weeks. This technique is your foundation. As you become more comfortable, feel free to adjust based on your taste preferences. Whether it's a different seasoning or a longer smoking duration for a crisper bark, the 4-4 method is adaptable. BBQ, after all, is as much about personal expression as it is about tradition.

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