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Deer Roll Recipe from @Timmy052001 (tiktok)

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Recipe for deer rolls:


Bacon (thick or thin) (I prefer thick)

Deer backstrap

Cheese block (any flavor of cheese)


Bbq sauce





To make the bbq sauce:

Heat up a sauce pan

mix bbq sauce, ketchup, water, and the seasonings of your choice inside the sauce pan

Heat up the sauce just before boiling

To prepare the deer meat:

Cut the backstrap of the deer into thin slices (on the short)

Put the cut slices into the sauce pan

Pour the sauce and deer meat into a bowl

Put the bowl into the fridge

Let the deer meat marinate in the bbq sauce in the fridge for one full night

Cut the ends of the jalapeños off

Then cut the remaining part of the jalapeño into 8 slices

Cut the block of cheese into slices about the same size as the jalapeños

Cut the bacon in half on the short side

To make the deer roll-

Take a slice of bacon and put a slice of deer meat towards one of the ends of the bacon strip

Put a slice of cheese on top of the deer meat

Put a slice of jalapeño on top of the cheese

Tightly roll up the bacon to enclose the meat, cheese, and jalapeño

Stick a toothpick through the bacon, meat, cheese, jalapeño, and back out the bacon again

Cook the deer roll on a pit until the bacon and deer meat is cooked thoroughly (cheese and jalapeños should be warmed up)

*Do not overcook or else you will end up with charcoal*

You can replace the water with whiskey if you’d like 😀

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