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3 Bucket List International BBQ Festivals

Updated: Apr 11

Everyone’s list of things to do be they kick the bucket is different. Mine mostly involve adventures that'll have me loosening my belt notch or two. I’ve cooked up my list of the world’s coolest BBQ festivals. From Brazil's sizzling meats and samba vibes to Australia's grilled lambs and gators, each spot on my list brings something tasty to the table. These festivals are all about good food, great vibes, and the kind of stories you’ll tell for years. So, whether you're a BBQ wizard or just in it for the eats, let’s hit the road and explore the smoky wonders of the world's best BBQ festivals. Get ready to chow down and chill out at these top-notch destinations.

1. Churrascada, Brasilia, Brazil At the heart of Brazil's vibrant food scene, Churrascada is a festival where the air is rich with the scent of sizzling meats, and the rhythm of samba fills the air. It's a gathering that attracts thousands of attendees annually, drawn by the promise of experiencing Brazil's churrasco culture at its best. Local Foods: The festival features everything from classic picanha to exotic meats, all cooked over the flame with traditional sides like farofa and vinagrete.

2. The Big Grill BBQ & Craft Beer Festival, Galway, Ireland Dublin's Herbert Park buzzes with over 20,000 BBQ enthusiasts and craft beer lovers each August, making The Big Grill Europe's largest BBQ festival. This event is a melting pot of global BBQ traditions, offering a vast array of flavors and cooking techniques. Local Foods: From spicy, American-style smoked ribs to local Irish sausages, the festival pairs these delights with an impressive lineup of craft beers from around the world.

3. Meatstock, Sydney, Australia A rollicking weekend in May sees Sydney's showgrounds transformed into Meatstock, attracting over 60,000 visitors. This festival combines the love of meat, music, and the unique culture of BBQ competitions. Local Foods: It's a showcase of Australian barbecue at its finest, with succulent beef brisket and tender smoked lamb among the highlights, accompanied by live bands and BBQ showdowns.

There y’all go, a round-up of some epic BBQ festivals that should definitely be on your radar. Each one brings a little something special to the table, be it the food, the music, or the sheer joy of sharing a meal with others. So, why not add a few (or all) of these to your bucket list? It’s a tasty way to see the world, meet new people, and, of course, eat some of the best BBQ you’ll find anywhere. Grab your forks (and maybe a napkin or two), and let’s get this BBQ road trip started!

If I missed a spot… let me know!

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