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Memphis in May with the O'Guins

In our recent podcast episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Michelle and Brandon O'guin, a power couple in the world of barbecue. Their expertise extends far beyond the grill, as they hold prestigious roles overseeing judging at Memphis in May, one of the most renowned BBQ competitions in the world.


During our conversation, we delved into some hot topics, including the recent controversy between Memphis in May and the new Smoke Slam Competition. Michelle and Brandon provided valuable insights into the intricacies of BBQ competitions and the challenges faced by organizers and participants alike. They talked about their love of the sport and supporting everyone.


We also couldn't resist swapping stories about cooking in extreme weather conditions. From battling blazing heat to braving torrential downpours, the O'guins shared their experiences of facing nature's wrath while striving for BBQ perfection. Their tales had us laughing and nodding along, reminding us that sometimes the most memorable moments in BBQ come from overcoming unexpected obstacles.


But it wasn't all serious discussion; we also shared some lighthearted and hilarious BBQ anecdotes. Brandon shared one of his favorite onsite judge visits. It was hilarious.


As our interview came to a close, it was clear that Michelle and Brandon O'guin are not only masters of the grill but also passionate storytellers with a deep love for the BBQ community. Their insights into the inner workings of BBQ competitions, along with their infectious enthusiasm for the craft, left us inspired and eager to fire up the grill.


Tune in to our latest podcast episode to hear the full conversation with Michelle and Brandon O'guin, and prepare to be entertained, educated, and inspired by their smokin' hot stories and BBQ wisdom.

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