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Post American Royal

Hey y’all,

We just got home from the American Royal in Kansas City. What a whirlwind! This was our second time attending and had another blast!

Spent Friday visiting some friends like Frank from, Brad, Brooke and the rest of The Shed family, Kell and Janet with the NBBQA, Matt with Cotton Gin Smokers, the Kurvball Whiskey gang, Big Salinas, and so many more. The highlight of my Friday was the whole hog competition. Congrats to Boars Night Out for winning for the 5th year in a row!

Saturday was all about recovering from the Friday night party and we had amazing interviews with Aaron Lesley of Texas Oil Dust who dropped an ton of BBQ knowledge bombs, Frank with Smoker Builder, Matt with Cotton Gin Smokers, Kaiden with KB's Outdoor Kitchen, Kell with the BBQ News Magazine, and more. Check out next weeks podcast for for the full coverage of all of our interviews and stay tuned for a lot more on our visit to the American Royal!

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