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National BBQ and Grilling Association Conference

In the heart of barbecue country, San Antonio, Texas, where the scent of post oak and mesquite hangs thick in the air, there exists a pilgrimage for grillmasters and pitmasters alike - the National BBQ and Grilling Association Conference. And for three exhilarating days, we found ourselves amidst the smoky haze, soaking in the BBQ camaraderie, flavors, and secrets of the trade.


Setting up our booth amidst a sea of live fires and grills, we prepared to dive deep into the world of BBQ, armed with microphones and a hunger for knowledge. This event did not disappoint.


Our podcast guests were an awesome array of BBQ bad asses, each bringing their own unique flavor to the table. From Dirk and Jody, the seasoned veterans behind the new Rib Cookoff Association, sharing all about their new sanctioning body to Sylvester and Fred from Boyer Brush, whose innovative tool have revolutionized the grill cleaning landscape.


Tripp Rion, the mastermind behind Game Changer Smokers, shared his wisdom on the fine balance between technique and intuition that separates good BBQ from the extraordinary. Meanwhile, Mike Starr of Blazing Star BBQ dazzled us with tales of his culinary adventures across the country, leaving our mouths watering with every word.


Al Frugoni, affectionately known as the Live Fire King, captivated us with his mastery of live fire cooking, demonstrating the primal magic of flames and embers dancing beneath sizzling meats. Dan Arnold, representing SuckleBusters BBQ, shared his passion for crafting the perfect sauce and the joy of seeing their creations elevate backyard cookouts to gourmet experiences. Eudell Watts, hailing from Old Arthur's BBQ, transported us back in time with stories of traditional pit cooking and the heritage of Southern barbecue.


But the NBBQA isn't just about BBQ products; it's any one with a passion for BBQ. Kell and Janet Phelps, the dynamic duo behind Barbecue News Magazine and the NBBQA, offered insights into the ever-evolving landscape of BBQ trends and and upcoming NBBQA plans. Matt Ouverson and Craig Carter of Aces Wild BBQ shared their journey from backyard hobbyists to competition champions, inspiring a new generation of pitmasters.


And then there were the High School BBQ competitors, like Kaiden Blake and his peers, whose passion and dedication reminded us that BBQ isn't just a hobby; it's a way of life. They are literally the future of Q!


As we packed up our gear and bid farewell to the smoke-filled halls of the conference, we left with more than just memories - we left with a deeper understanding of the art and community of barbecue. From the veterans who paved the way to the newcomers who are pushing the boundaries, the National BBQ and Grilling Association Conference was a celebration of all things BBQ, leaving us hungry for more. Until next time, may your fires burn bright and your brisket be tender.

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